Monday, 27 March 2017

Book Review: The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn

Stevie Clark's best friend, Jude Brighton, has gone missing. With each passing hour, Stevie knows that the likelihood of Jude being found alive and well is falling. But the problem is, no one seems to care as much as Stevie does, and he is adamant to find out what has happened to his best friend. Stevie soon learns about the similar disappearance a number of years ago of another young boy, Max Larsen, who's dead body was eventually found. Other strange things are occurring in the little town of Deer Valley... pets who no longer want to stay at home and go disappearing from yards. No matter how horrifying it may be, Stevie wants to know the truth, at any cost.

"Because it's never the way you want it, she thought. The universe doesn't care."

Okay, first of all, this was my first encounter with Ania Ahlborn, and I was BLOWN AWAY. I am a pretty fast reader I'd say, it's more finding the actual time to read that is difficult for me, but I started this book on Friday evening and finished it up on Sunday evening (it's about 400 pages, so a medium-sized book). My other weekend plans, such as revising for my PhD...kinda took a backseat as I raced through the book. It was unputdownable! Her writing style is so effortless and insists on being binged upon. Right away I was looking at her other books online, so thank you to the Nocturnal Readers box for introducing me to this awesome writer.

As for the story itself, WOW. It was creepy, unsettling, unnerving, horrifying... basically everything I want from a horror book. I feel like I don't want to say too much about the plot because I went in knowing NOTHING and I really think that enhanced my experience. So, just prepare to be creeped out! And prepare to fall in love with the character of little Stevie Clark. He was so well-developed and likeable and you are just on his side from the first page. The lengths he will go for his cousin and best friend is admirable for such a young child. When no one else seems to care and they have given up on Jude, Stevie is still there, trying everything in his power to solve the mystery. Great character. The character of Rosamund was also perfectly written. Her introduction was confusing at first, as I thought "Where is this going?" but then it quickly made sense and it all really paid off. Her storyline was heartbreaking and crazy insane all at the same time.

Okay, I don't want to say any more, because if you're going to go out and buy this book (which you should), you need to go in without knowing a thing! You won't regret it. 5 stars out of 5 for me! And a great new author that I can start obsessing over... awesome!



  1. Amazing review Jo! I really enjoyed reading it with friends. Can't wait for you to read your next Ania Ahlborn! I vote for Brother

  2. Johann-
    I was wondering what you do with books that are not Stephen king? Do you keep them, reread them, donate them? Just curious. I am a fan of horror novels too but subscribing to boxes (a la the NRB) you can inundated with too many books. Love you blog ! :) Also, what did you think of the new IT movie?

  3. Hi Katie,
    Usually I just keep all my books which explains my overflowing bookcases... but I guess in time I will need to think of a way to deal with this issue!! I’ll probably end up donating the ones I know I won’t read again and then keep the ones that I’ll possibly revisit in the future :) and I loved the new IT movie!! Thought it was amazing and that that stayed pretty close to the source material. I thought the losers club were perfectly cast.
    - Johann


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