Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Nocturnal Reader's Subscription Box: All Hail The King

Finally - the box we've all been waiting for! Our Stephen King themed box. And it did not disappoint... We had been teased for so long with the alternate cover for King's latest release with Richard Chizmar, Gwendy's Button Box, and it is BEAUTIFUL. But first, here is the entirety of the box...

Look at all the awesome! I thought I'd take a few closer-up photos of the contents within this amazing, well-thought out box. First, the beautiful Gwendy cover, designed by the awesome Justin Wisniewski, and the really cool coin that we got with it - a key component of the story. That little sign for Castle Rock just gets me so excited!

Next up is the other book included within this box. A now out of print book by Peter Straub - who has written books with King before, of course. I have it on good authority from the guys at NRB that this is a great story - I'll have to get to it soon. It's also a beautiful edition, just from flicking through it.

We also got awesome Pennywise and Carrie stickers, with a Derry fridge magnet!!!! (not gonna lie, this is my favourite part of the box...), a Creepshow patch, cool Stephen King bookmarks including Molly the Thing of Evil, a Constant Reader pin (I'm torn over where to put mine!) and lastly Firestarter themed tea from Jasmine Pearl Tea Co.

Our print this month was based on the Bachman book, The Long Walk - I've yet to read this one, but if this artwork doesn't get me excited for it, I don't know what will!! The print is by Dan Charnley and I'm in love!

Lastly, this Dark Tower themed bandana... I had a huge Guns N' Roses phase when I was younger (who am I kidding, I'm still in this phase), but I used to wear a red bandana in the style of Axl Rose (I was a strange kid, but this was better than my Fred Durst phase). I might just have to bring that style back with this unreal bandana! I have to admit, I got a bit emotional reading all the quotes around the perimeter, it's making me want to revisit the Tower... but I can't! Too many other books to read.

So that's it for this month! NRB have a challenge on their hands to live up to this box - but I'm yet to be disappointed. Remember you can use my discount code DRJOBIS15 if you're ordering future boxes and want to save yourself some money. Next month's theme is The Feast and I can't wait to see how deliciously dark it's going to be...



  1. Gwendy's button box and Pork Pie Hat sound like brilliant euphemisms for you know what ��

  2. How would one order Gwendy's button box displayed here?


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