Thursday, 14 September 2017

The Nocturnal Reader's Subscription Box: Monster Mayhem

This month's theme for the Nocturnal Reader's Box was Monster Mayhem! So expect the usual suspects like Cthulhu and Frankenstein... We also got possibly the coolest bookmark I've ever seen in my life, as well as the most frickin' insane water bottle!! Let's take a closer look at this month's contents...

Look at all the awesome! First, let's start with the books. The new release this month is The Wicked by James Newman, and the synopsis is as follows:

"After a fire consumes the Heller Home for Children, the residents of Morganville, North Carolina, thought they knew evil... They were wrong. Unaware of the turmoil in their new hometown, the Littles - David, Kate, and seven-year-old Becca - are moving from New York City to Morganville in hopes of repairing their own lives, which were recently shattered by an act of sexual violence. Before long, David realises that his family's troubles are worse than he could ever have imagined. An ancient demon lurks beneath the town of Morganville, an unholy creature conjured into existence by the Heller Home tragedy. Its name is Moloch. It is hungry for the souls of the townspeople. But worst of all, Moloch wants the children. It will not rest until it has them. All of them."

If you know me at all, you know I love a good demon story, so I am ALL ABOUT this book. Sounds really good!! The previous release in this month's box is Greener Pastures, which is a collection of short stories by Michael Wehunt with the simple description:

"They say there are always greener pastures. These stories consider the cost of that promise."

I haven't really read many short stories beyond those of Stephen King and Richard Matheson, so I'm open to trying a different author! I like that NRB pushes me to try new authors and after just reviewing a Nick Cutter book I received in their box yesterday, these guys have got good taste.

As for the rest of the bookish goodies... again, if you know me at all, you'll know I'm slightly obsessed with all things Lovecraft and Cthulhu so imagine my excitement when I received not just one, but TWO, art prints! These beauties were created by Ivan Belikov and are given the title: "The Great Old One". I got both the original artwork as well as the variant art print with a metallic finish because I'm SPECIAL. Or maybe because both Vince and Jessi were worried I'd throw a temper tantrum if I didn't get both... who knows!

Just look at the Great Old One in all of his magnificent glory! He gives me major heart eyes. I gotta get these framed. As for the rest of the bookish loot, look no further... 

In-keeping with the Cthulhu trend, we also got this EPIC metal water bottle to show your enrolment in the very prestigious Miskatonic University. Fellow gym-goers have already been casting their envious eyes over this beauty. Also included was this really cool Frankenstein tote (you can never have too many totes), as well as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde enamel pin and a cool notebook inspired by the 1981 horror flick, The Howling. We also got this unique organic herbal sleep oil called "The Sandman's Despair", which I'm dying to try!! Lastly, check out the absolutely awesome magnetic bookmark we got... The Night King of Pop!! AMAZING.

Once again, the guys over at NRB have knocked this one outta the park! October's box will be their 1 year anniversary box and I can't believe how huge they've gotten within a year. I'm truly honoured to be a rep for such an outstanding company. The boxes they put out every month, in addition to the regular competitions they run, are just another level. Never mind the actual people behind it! October's boxes are currently sold out, but more might become available if people cancel their renewals (but why would they?!) - keep your eyes peeled anyway. And remember you can use my code DRJOBIS15 on any future purchases to save 15%! Until next month...



  1. I really want to subscribe to this box when I have the money to do so!

  2. Looking forward to hearing what you think about THE WICKED, Johann! Happy nightmares. :)


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