Monday, 23 October 2017

Book Review: The Walking Dead Compendium 2 by Robert Kirkman

Compendium 2 is made up of issues 49-96, i.e. volumes 9-16. Following the loss of the prison and the devastation that followed, Rick and the group must move on. They very quickly come upon a community protected by walls, but the solace does not last long...

"After everything we've been through, all the people we've lost... I suddenly find myself overcome with something I thought we'd lost... hope."

It's difficult to review these comics as they're so fast moving and so much happens!! That's one of the major positives of The Walking Dead - it doesn't really get stagnant. Even when the survivors settle down in one location for a while, there's always new dangers and new characters constantly being introduced.

The general outline and journey of the survivors is similar to that of the show, but there's still huge differences with regards to individual character storylines, so even as a fan of the show, I'm kept on my toes.

This compendium was exciting because characters such as Abraham, Eugene, Rosita etc were introduced, as well as those who reside at Alexandria. And then towards the end we get to meet Jesus and those over at Hilltop! And Negan is mentioned!

But amidst all the excitement of meeting those characters I know from the show, ultimately... The Walking Dead is bleak. So bleak. It can be exhausting and relentless, but a zombie apocalypse ain't gonna be all sunshine and rainbows! But this compendium really drives the message home that humans are he real danger. Rick and co know how to deal with the walkers now, that's easy (most of the time), it's the people are also just trying to survive that are the problem.

Perhaps a bit slow at times but it never lost my attention. I give it 4 stars out of 5! Taking a short before Compendium 3, but I'll be back!


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