Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Book Review: Locke & Key Volumes 3 & 4 by Joe Hill

This second master edition is comprised of arcs 3 and 4, Crown of Shadows and Keys to the Kingdom. Following directly after the events covered in the first master edition, more keys are discovered within Keyhouse as the search for the elusive Omega Key is turned up a notch...

"You were a cup with nothing in it until I came along to fill you up."

These volumes just keep getting better and better!! Admittedly, I felt like the beginning of Crown of Shadows lagged a little bit, but then it picked up towards the end and carried that pace right through Keys to the Kingdom. I'm itching to start the final master edition right away and finish the series, but I also want to savour it.... so I'll wait a bit....

As per usual, the characters are incredible - the Locke children in particular. I love Tyler and Bode, and although Kinsey can be kinda irritating at times, she's pretty believable as a teen and also well-developed. I have such a hatred for Zack, which I guess is the point? We're meant to hate him? But even his appearance gets under my skin, he's just so annoying to look at! I wanna punch his face with that angular jaw and lip ring (nothing against lip rings, his just bugs the hell outta me). I also feel like I'm waiting for the mother's role to progress - I can understand her trauma at the hands of the attackers and subsequent alcoholism...but maybe it's getting a bit tiresome and I just want her to do something else! I feel like something kickass is coming and I'm getting impatient!

The artwork continues to astound me, but sometimes it's difficult to fully appreciate it as I'm keen to flick through those pages and find out what's happening next!! I really really love this series, it's just so much fun to read - for anyone who has never read graphic novels before and isn't sure where to start, I implore you to give Locke & Key a whirl! You won't regret it. Another 5 star read for me this month - I'm on a roll!


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