Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Nocturnal Reader's Subscription Box: November

The prospect of getting a box without a theme is actually pretty exciting as you literally can't even predict what books or related items you might get. And this box was full of great items! I actually got a few messages beforehand from people telling me that I'd love this box and that it was basically made for me. Vince and Jessi verified that it was in fact designed for me... honestly! ;)  okay, maybe that's a lie, but I loved this box. So let's look at what was included...

Firstly, the books. Two new releases this month and one of mine was signed - which is always a pleasant surprise! The first book was The Wilderness Within by John Claude Smith, synopsis is as follows:

"While visiting fellow writer, Frank Harlan Marshall, Derek Gray senses a palpable dread within Frank's house and the forest that surrounds it; a subtle malignant sentience. What should be a joyous event, as they await the surprise arrival of a long-lost friend, comedian "Dizzy Izzy" Haberstein, is fraught with unease Derek does not understand. Derek's confusion is upended by the chance meeting with musician Alethea, formerly of Dark Angel Asylum, a band that dropped out of sight once the leader, Aleister Blut, ended up in an insane asylum. As their relationship blossoms, Derek's disorientation at the hands of the forest manifests as his world turns sideways... and one of Frank's fictional creatures - a murderous monster named Average Joe - gains foothold in the surreal, psychological terrain. As the worlds of reality and fantasy meld, what transpires bounds from deeply profound to pure madness."

Sounds good, doesn't it?! And I love the cover of this one, so creepy and sinister looking. The second book is a collection of short stories written by Ronald Malfi called We Should Have Left Well Enough Alone (and my copy was signed!!). Synopsis is as follows:

"A new mother is pursued by mysterious men in black. A misguided youth learns the dark secrets of the world from an elderly neighbour on Halloween night. A housewarming party where the guests never leave. A caretaker tends to his rusted relic of a god deep in the desert... In his debut short story collection, Bram Stoker Award finalist Ronald Malfi mines the depths and depravities of the human condition, exploring the dark underside of religion, marriage, love, fear, regret, and hunger in a world that spins just slightly askew on its axis. Rich in atmosphere and character, Malfi's debut collection is not to be missed."

Looking forward to trying some Richard Malfi - I think short story collections are great for when you're introduced to a new author, you get to try a range of different stories and ideas all at once. Beyond the books, the rest of the box was awesome too! We got a Shirley Jackson cushion cover - one of the Queens of Horror, and a cool pennant that you can hang up and proudly display in your home.

We also got some awesome new coffee to try from Coffee Shop of Horrors, inspired by Richard Matheson's Hell House - I have it on good authority that it's delicious, I'll have to make a pot soon. And we as all know.... Winter is Coming.... there's definitely a chill in the air, but don't worry, your head and ears will be kept warm with a Night's Watch beanie from Game of Thrones!

I feel like every month I'm saying "This is now my favourite pin!" and this month is no exception. This Carrie pin is now my favourite pin!! NRB keep outdoing themselves each month with their pin choices, this one is particularly awesome as it has a sliding mechanism, so blood can slide out of the bucket!

Usually I end up throwing away the cardboard that the pin is attached to, but in this case I can't. It somehow makes it even cooler. Lastly, my recent Clive Barker obsession is no secret, especially when it comes to Hellraiser, so you can imagine my squealing upon seeing this month's artwork by Chris Gallen. It's soooooo ridiculously cool! Butterball is equally fascinating and disgusting.

Loved this box! A lot of my favourite fandoms and interests were checked off: King, Barker, Game of Thrones, coffee, and I've only read one Shirley Jackson so far but LOVED it. Looking forward to the December box already: it's going to have King, Joe Hill, William Peter Blatty (ALL MY FAVES), Josh Malerman and more... there's still some boxes available. Use my discount code DRJOBIS15 if you wanna treat yourself (or another) for Christmas! Until next month...


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