Friday, 5 January 2018

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JK Rowling

Following the death of his parents at a young age, Harry Potter has grown up under the supervision of the Dursleys (they’re not very nice). However, Harry’s life is turned upside down when Hagrid rocks up and tells him “Yer a wizard, Harry.” All of a sudden he’s on Diagon Alley shopping for a cauldron and a wand (and all the other items on the list), before finding himself on the Hogwarts Express to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

“To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever.”

Ahhhhh, Harry Potter! The literary equivalent of wrapping yourself in a big, warm blanket on a cold Winter’s day. I had almost forgotten just how magical it really is. And how funny. And how it makes you FEEL things. Harry Potter will live on through the ages, passed from generation to generation, because it’s just timeless and the themes will always be relevant. 

Snape is no doubt my favourite character – and if you try to argue with me that you hate Snape, I will cease to acknowledge your existence. No, really. I will. But it’s strange how on rereads different characters will emerge as “new” favourites. It’s not that I ever disliked Neville Longbottom, but on this reread of the first book in the series, I’m appreciating him a lot more. That part at the end had me IN TEARS. And I always loved Hagrid, of course, but I was loving him extra hard this time around.

One of my favourite things about this series is Hermione Granger, and that from the get-go, it is very evident that she’s the real MVP. Harry and Ron are pretty much clueless without her. I too was that nerdy kid (and still am that nerdy adult), and I love that so many children, particularly young girls, will grow up knowing that it’s cool to be smart. And it’s cool to be a book nerd. Hermione is such a great character.

The story in this one might not be the most exhilarating, but’s still pretty exciting! The main aim of this book is to introduce us to the wonderful world of Harry Potter and all the characters found within. Reading the illustrated edition just adds an extra touch of magic! The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous, I was consistently blown away by the magic and beauty captured within these drawings. I wish I could reread the entire series in this format, but alas… we must wait for these yearly releases *cries*

It’s absolutely wonderful to back at Hogwarts and I can’t wait to continue with my reread throughout 2018.


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