Saturday, 14 July 2018

Book Review: The Dark Tower Omnibus by Stephen King

This omnibus is comprised of the first 5 graphic novels in the Dark Tower series. It is basically an adaptation of Wizard and Glass, so the story starts chronologically in this format.

"That's how it always is when star-crossed lovers first lock eyes. And they are like stars, they really are... burning hot and bright, and then flaring out. For all I know, they may even be the same ones, do ya kennet? The same souls, always meeting, always hoping to beat the long odds... and always failing."

Let's get one thing straight: these will never be anywhere near as good as the books. Obviously. But once you accept that, you can enjoy them for what they are. I LOVED seeing the story told in this format - the illustrations are fucking incredible and the writing has all the Dark Tower lingo that we've come to know and love.

This omnibus has the basic events of Wizard and Glass, but also has the bonus of certain happenings being expanded upon - like The Fall of Gilead and The Battle of Jericho Hill. And those were actually my fave two instalments in the omnibus - I GOT SHIVERS.

I also got shivers and mayhaps shed a few tears at the story of Susan and Roland <3 one of my favourite love stories. I would say it isn't as fleshed out here as in the book, but it's still beautiful. And it's so nice to see Cuthbert and Alain again, the original ka-tet.

I'm a Dark Tower junkie and I did thoroughly enjoy this adaptation. Some parts dragged on slightly... The Long Road Home was fucking long indeed. But overall, I really liked it. Excited to get to the next omnibus shitting on my shelf.

4 stars.

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