Friday, 12 April 2019

Book Review: The Waste Lands by Stephen King

The third book in the Dark Tower series finds Roland and his ka-tet following the Path of the Beam towards the tower. Along the way they’ll pick up two new members...

“Ka was like a wheel, its one purpose to turn, and in the end it always came back to the place where it had started.”
I was contemplating writing this review as an Ode to Oy, but words can’t even express how much I love that little billy-bumbler; he is the CUTEST. A particular highlight for me is when he calls Gasher “asshole” - SASSY OY!

I also have a revelation that may shake you all to your cores... having previously ranted and raved about how Blaine did my head in, I actually LIKED Blaine the Mono this time around. Now, the riddles I can still do without... but I found Blaine to be highly entertaining. Memory is a funny thing, isn’t it?! He was completely different in my head!

The house on Dutch Hill - how STRESSFUL is that part, the bleakness of Lud, the people in River Crossing, that huge freakin’ bear, MEETING OY..... this book has so much fucking awesomeness packed into it that I don’t know where to begin and I can’t fit it all in here in detail, so I’ll just say it was INCREDIBLE.

This reread is completely challenging all my prior thoughts and feelings on certain books in the series. Now, I would rank The Waste Lands as the best in the series so far - whereas before, it was down near the bottom for me (but still excellent, I do love all the books!) This one has gained an entire star following my reread!

I honestly hate reviewing these books because it’s just word vomit. I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. 5 glittering shiny stars!!


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