Saturday, 11 May 2019

Book Review: Kill, My Darlings by Christy Aldridge

I’ve been reading so many classics lately for my 30 before 30 challenge and my horror itch hasn’t really been scratched for a while... so as soon as I received this copy of Kill, My Darlings from @christy_aldridge I pretty much started the minute I got it out of the package!

“That’s where they live. They can’t eat in the light. They can’t have their Tommy-feast unless the lights are out.”

Aldridge covers quite a broad range of different horror stories - there’s cannibalism, a terrifying clown, erotica, boogeymen and demons, so there’s really something that appeals to every horror fan’s taste!

Favourites for me were Lizzy Clearly Had A Bad Day, Billy and The Tommy-Feast. Billy in particular was hilarious - it’s about a guy who’s hand becomes kinda jealous when he finally gets a girlfriend... I just love stories that are so off the wall and original. Especially when they’re delivered in such a humorous way. I also feel like I need to mention Insatiable here as well - I’m not a prude in the slightest but even this story had me blushing!

A minor complaint would be that sometimes things are over-explained, especially in the first story The Mistress, which is about a female serial killer. It’s told entirely from her point of view and some points are maybe hammered home a bit too much?

But otherwise this collection is quite fun! It’s funny at times, with plenty of gore and body fluids, yet there are also more psychological stories that are quite effective as well. All in all, a nice mixture of different horror stories and I would definitely read more from Alridge! 3.5 stars!


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